The Science of Precise Measurement. Master Meter is creating the future of water management.

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Nearly 60% of a person's household water footprint can go towards lawn and garden maintenance.

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Who is Master Meter?

Master Meter is a partner to water utilities for more than 4 decades. We are pioneers in the design, development and manufacture of precision accurate water meters used across millions of homes and businesses throughout North America. We go beyond basic measurement by giving intelligent life to these instruments.

Similar to the 'Smart Grid', our smart water meters help utilities be more proactive for their customers, act as better stewards of water resources, and help ratepayers better manage their water and drive down monthly costs.

What the Safe Drinking Water Act mean for your utility

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Water Meter News

Four Factors Bogging Down Latin America's Water Future

16 December 2014

"The way that the public and the politicians think about water is too simplistic," Lippert said.

Conservation An Objective Of Sacramento Water Meter Mandate

10 December 2014

The city had to change a previous policy that banned the installation of water meters.

For Some, Water Conservation Becoming A Financial Necessity

3 December 2014

The backdrop is that water utilities are experiencing “a cesspool of financial worries.”

Water Meter Installation a Challenge as Ireland Begins Charging for Water

26 November 2014

The Dublin protesters carried signs and changed, "Irish water will be free, from the river to the sea."



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