XTR - Universal Transceiver for Smarter AMR Communication

Master Meter’s comprehensive Dialog® 3G AMR/AMI system does not limit a utility to only Master Meter’s measurement solutions. From our universal connection products, a utility may safeguard their investment in existing infrastructure and connect to most any meter asset currently installed or in inventory.

Our flexible 2-way transceiver transmits advanced meter data for most any meter in use today.

This simple wired solution delivers powerful unlicensed communication between your metered assets and the utility's information collection system.


Master Meter | AMR
Data Logging Meter Right Sizing

Benefits & Features

  • Provides a simple migration path for touch-type encoder registers to advanced AMR/AMI.
  • 4,000+ points of user-configured data logging for verification of theft, tamper, irregular consumption behavior, and leaks.
  • Data logging is configurable to the minute for advanced meter right sizing to ensure optimal meter revenue and reduce premature meter wear.
  • XTR enables the Dialog 3G AMR/AMI system to read most any meter type (magnetic, propeller, differential  pressure, ultrasonic, commercial gas products) and most any other manufacturer’s encoder equipped meters featuring the industry standard UI1203 communication protocol.