Uncompromised Accuracy to AWWA C-701 Class II Turbines

For 2" to 12" high-volume installations too cramped to accommodate a standard length turbine meter, the Master Meter WT Turbine Meter offers a high-accuracy design, 20 to 33 percent shorter than most turbines. Our shorter laying lengths enable accurate measurement without replumbing or customer inconvenience.

Despite their shortened laying lengths, WT Turbine Meters provide uncompromised accuracy to AWWA C-701 Class II Turbine standards. The WT’s cast iron, epoxy-coated main cases reduce meter cost while providing durability and corrosion resistance. Nylon inlet flow conditioners and polypropylene rotors insure high accuracy and long service life.

For a unique solid state approach to commerical service measurement, consider our Octave Ultrasonic.


Benefits & Features

  • AWWA Class II Accuracy
  • High Quality Casing
  • Long Life Materials