Keep Rising Utility Costs from Cutting into Your Profit.

Master Meter’s submetering system is based on a light architecture that promotes a quick startup and simplified implementation. The flexible design fits virtually any property and provides full reporting for water, gas and electric connections. Online data and billing management simplifies information flow and helps property owners keep focused on the big picture.

  • Reliable wireless reporting at any property is simple with Master Meter’s IP Remote Reader and 3G RepReader submeter communication architecture.
  • An integrated solution for what matters most; water theft notifications, leak notifications, early or unannounced moveouts, unauthorized move-ins, and controlled data access by the RBC from anywhere in the world.
  • Invest with confidence without limitations – our submetering solution is designed for maximum flexibility, ease of adaption, and universal freedom of choice in meter and billing service technology.
Approximately 400 Billion gallons of water are used in the United States per day.