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The Sonata Residential Ultrasonic flow sensor is Master Meter’s next step in unifying our ultrasonic solid-state measurement profile. Utilizing advanced ultrasonic flow measurement, the Sonata greatly improves low flow measurement compared to residential mechanical meters, making it an ideal solution for addressing Non-Revenue Water (NRW). 


Available in sizes ranging from 5/8” – 1”, the Sonata is an advanced and highly accurate ultrasonic flow measurement sensor and data endpoint. Utilizing Master Meter’s years of experience in ultrasonic technology, the Sonata is the next step that brings our ultrasonic platform to the residential market.

Sonata’s unique patent-pending flow tube reinvents ultrasonic flow measurement in smaller diameter piping by moving sonic reflectors out of the center of the pipe and into the piping wall. This creates unobstructed passage for the water flow and in turn reduces head loss and the likelihood of damage to the sonic reflectors.

Sonata’s electronics are IoT-ready and provide the foundation for a reliable and scalable AMI Smart Water Network. Programmable alarms and events include Leaks, Backflow, Dry Pipe, Tamper, Burst Pipe, and Freeze Risk. 

Recipient of the 2016 “iF Design Award”, Sonata builds upon the success of the Octave and brings this platform to residential applications.

Benefits & Features

  • Precise Low Flow Measurement – Accurately measures flow as low as 1/32 GPM
  • Lifetime Accuracy – No moving parts increases revenue for the life of the meter
  • Battery Life – 20 year battery life
  • Unique Flow Tube – Patent-pending design of the flow tube removes obstructions in the water flow
  • Interoperability – IoT ready for connectivity to Smart Water Network
  • Universal Communication Protocol – Encoder output connects to any AMR/AMI System
  • Wireless Output – Optional internal endpoint for connectivity to Master Meter Allegro or 3G systems
  • NSF Approved – Complies with NSF 61 and SDWA
  • Submersible – Factory potted electronics; IP68 design
  • Detailed LCD – Features totalized flow, rate of flow, battery alarm, leak alarm, burst pipe alarm, dry pipe alarm, tamper alarm, and freeze risk.