Confident decision making is important when choosing which technology path to follow and with which industry leader you entrust to lead the way forward.

From each application-specific meter, to the underlying RF communication backbone, and our intuitive system software relied upon daily by utility managers – Master Meter has developed and owns the technology behind every piece of our fully integrated solution.

Get with our professional sales advisors today and discover how Master Meter products and services can postively make a difference in your utility's bottom line and improve the relationship with your rate payers.

Approximately 400 Billion gallons of water are used in the United States per day.

More Revenue

Creating More Revenue at Every Metered Point

Advanced AMR with integral 3G DataLogs™, 3G SyncReads™, and Revenue Impact Alerts™ help protect the bottom line and deliver:

  • Meter right-sizing with granular minute-by-minute flow resolution;
  • Comprehensive system balancing and leak management with District Metered Areas and Zones (DMA/DMZ)
  • Proactive awareness of leaks, theft, tampering, and zero consumption.

Financial Benefit Analysis

Maximizing Return on Investment

Our comprehensive approach to water management ensures immediate ROI from improved results, as well as obsolescence protection from changes in technology.

  • Turnkey solutions with financing options bring an immediate positive impact to the bottom line.
  • Freedom to migrate on your timetable and with multiple concurrent collection technologies.
  • Our precise measurement portfolio guarantees accurate water use accountability.

Unaccounted For Water

The goal for any meter replacement program or AMR/ AMI deployment is to restore system accuracy, eliminate leaks, and assure that every drop of water is accurately accounted and paid for. Our expansive solutions portfolio helps water utilities achieve this end.

  • Our precise measurement science is sensitive to every drop and accurately records all flows. Specialized leak detection technologies on both sides of the meter help address leaks concerning the ratepayers and those in the distribution system.
  • Integral data logging is a powerful tool for both the utility and their customer by providing greater insight into how and when water is consumed so that awareness leads to behavioral change.