We Put Science Back into Residential PD Measurement.

Science Backed Measurement Design

Using the latest in Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) design science, our engineers crushed existing performance benchmarks largely left untouched by other manufacturers for more than a century. We’re in good company: the same software tools used in our Positive Displacement (PD) design also helped create Formula 1 race cars, military fighter craft, and the latest in aerospace propulsion.

Master Meter’s PD meter is nothing short of an engineering trifecta in Accuracy, Pressure Loss and a Whisper Quiet Chamber.

New Meter Accuracy After a Lifetime of Use

In independent accelerated lifetime accuracy testing conducted by the Utah Water Research Laboratory, the MMPD is shown to have new meter accuracy even after 4,000,000 USG usage. That's more than 35 years of simulated wear! The MMPD achieves these results thorugh constant innovation in chamber design, materials design, and absolutely the best in cutting edge design software. 




Master Meter | Positive Displacement

Benefits & Features

  • Available in Sizes 5/8" - 1" — Product sizing to meet any residential meter application. 
  • Establishes New Accuracy Benchmarks — New meter accuracy after 4,000,000 USG.
  • Whisper-Quiet Measurement — We shifted oscilating piston harmonics to outside the normal flowrange.
  • Very Low Pressure Loss (VLPL) Desgin — 7-19% improvement in pressure drop vs. competitor meter performance.