The Master Meter BLMJ — The Undisputed Leader in Multi-Jet Technology

Durable Measurement Regardless of Water Quality

Maximize your revenue stream across a wide range of small commercial applications with our Intermediate MS Multi-Jets and capture low flow readings where turbine meters fall short. 

This bellwether technology is a worldwide standard in flow measurement. Master Meter is North America's undisputed leader in multi-jet products. 

Our Multi-Jet meter exceeds the AWWA C708 standard. With sensitivity to measure water flowing as low as 1/8 gallon per minute and accuracy unaffected by common particulates and build-up that would freeze other types, you can count on our Multi-Jet technology.

Accuracy That Lasts

Measurement surfaces are not wear surfaces, pro­viding sustained accuracy despite the presence of entrained solids in the water. A long-life, sapphire serves as a wear surface, with balanced water flows minimizing bearing wear.

Water, evenly distributed by multiple jet nozzles, flows past an impeller in the measuring chamber, creating an impeller velocity directly proportional to water flow rate. The meter’s register integrates velocity into totalized flow. A rugged, 360-degree polymer basket strainer pro­tects the critical measuring element from damage.

Uncompromising performance over the life of the meter. Simply, more revenue. Longer.


Master Meter, Multi Jet AWWA C708
Leak Detection Data Logging Theft or Back Flow Detection

Benefits & Features

  • An ideal meter choice for light commercial applications in lieu of turbines to ensure measurement of leaks and low flows for excellent revenue protection. 
  • Exceptional performance in passing entrained solids and operating in environments with high mineral content.
  • Measures with a single moving part that is hydro-dynamically balanced on a sapphire bearing to preserve accuracy.