MMT Turbines

Offered in 2" - 8" sizes, the Master Meter MMT Turbine Meters provide sustained accuracy where you need it most—your high-volume water transactions. With a rugged bronze case, these meters deliver long-service life while operating at high RPM with fine tuned precision performance. Engineering advancements yield streamlined flow patterns resulting in minimal head loss, reduced water delivery costs, and maximum possible flow to end user. Downsize costly larger turbines, and possibly eliminate the requirement for compound meters in certain applications without revenue loss, thanks to the MMT’s wide flow range.

For a unique solid state approach to commerical service measurement, consider our Octave Ultrasonic.


Benefits & Features

  • Modular Register Design Allows for Easy Upgrades to Future Read Technologies
  • Meets All Applicable AWWA Standards; Optional NSF Certification.
  • Tamper Detection and Prevention
  • Precision Engineered Flow Components For Smooth Operation and Sustained Accuracy Under Tough Conditions