Interpreter Retrofit AMR Register — Integrate Intelligence into Existing Metered Assets

The Interpreter Universal AMR Register System unites your current meter infrastructure with a powerful voice by providing a simple, cost-effective smart AMR retrofit register design. The Interpreter is an all-digital LCD encoder register that can replace the original basic manual read register on most any meter. Equipped with integral Personal Consumption Profiling, Revenue Impact Alerts on guard for leaks, thefts, tamper and meter malfunction 24/7, and synchronized readings for precise pinpoint non-revenue accountability.

Give a smart voice  in water management to your existing silent metered assets. 

The Interpreter design integrates our encoder, RF transceiver, battery and antenna inside the register's stainless steel body - all "under the glass" for durable environemental protection in even the most harsh environments. The programmable design allows it to perfectly mimic the meter body's original register while delivering AMR technology without wires or connections.


Master Meter | Interpreter Register
Leak Detection Data Logging Meter Right Sizing Theft or Back Flow Detection

Benefits & Features

  • Direct replacement of most any original register (AMCO, Badger, Hersey, Neptune, Sensus or Precision)
  • Available in LCD or Odometer Versions
  • 4,000 Points of Scalable Meter Data Logging
  • Revenue Impact Alerts™ Guard Against Theft, Leak, Tamper & Zero Consumption Scenarios
  • Implement DMA / DMZ Leak Reduction Programs
  • Supports Concurrent 3G Mobile AMR and FixedLinx AMI Platforms
  • Simple clean retrofit in about 1 minute
  • LCD Interpreter provides nine digit display resolution and the added benefit of instantaneous rate-of-flow information.