Harmony™ Water Meter Data Management

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Water Meter Data Management & Analytics Software

Analyze, manage, and precisely account for system-wide water consumption

Harmony provides Utility Intelligence (UI) to city management while connecting the ratepayer with quick and easy access to water usage and consumption information.



The Harmony™ & Allegro™ platform is an intelligent network interfacing with the myriad of systems that water utility managers operate today. A comprehensive set of data is collected from the endpoint and transmitted back to the backhaul destination for integration into Customer Information Systems (CIS), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Enterprise Billing Systems, and various Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software suites. The result is an intelligent water system with actionable high‐resolution data analytics capable of supporting any operational need. 


  • Better Segment and Classify Your Customer Base Graph  
  • Develop KPI’s for Tracking Service Reliability
  • Create Added Value
  • Provide Exceptional Customer Service
  • Empower the Rate Payer

Benefits & Features


• Predictive IBM Analytics Built-in

Born To Manage

• Actionable Utility Intelligence (UI)

• Proactive Meter Management

• Intuitive Graphical User Interface

• Better Accountability for Non-Revenue Water

• Integrated GIS Mapping

  • Track Assets
  • Click through Google Street-view
  • Supports Geocoding

• Cloud-based service, Hosted on the Microsoft Azure Server

• Years of Stored Historic Data

• Important Alerts Communicated directly to the Customer’s Smartphone

• Dashboard Style Overview

• Graphical Consumption and Usage Data

• Near-Real Time System Monitoring

• Better Understand your AMI Data

• API Feed Connectivity for Complex Analytics Integration

• Easily Import and Export Databases

• Customizable Widgets to Meet all Operational Needs

• On Demand Read’s to Address Immediate Customer Service Needs

• Polygon’s / Customizable Leak Zone’s

• Report Manager

  • Large Assortment of Pre-Built Reports
  • Build Custom Reports
  • Extensive List of Parameters to Choose

• Easy and Intuitive Navigation

Manage & Review Personal Consumption Data 


The Harmony Water MDM Customer Portal will allow the ratepayer to:

  • Review water consumption and usage statistics
  • Compare their usage to similar rate payers
  • If they’re using the Master Meter Billing System, they can pay their water bill
  • Customers can electronically communicate with a utility customer service agent
  • Set budget reminders and leak alerts

Harmony App            Harmony App

Employ a mobile app to offer a “Self-Service” model.

Empower the rate payer to educate themselves on usage and consumption behavior.

Engage with major corporations to advertise to a targeted audience.