3G Register

Master Meter’s proven 3G ConnectionFree™ smart design helps speed deployment, lower total system cost and dramatically cut maintenance costs — the number one cause of utility headaches and escalated ownership costs. 

Our completely integrated AMR solution incorporates leading-edge technology at every critical point along the meter to cash journey — from the meter and register, to the mobile AMR and fixed network AMI data collection points, to the utility management software. 

The 3G System produces Fixed Network (AMI) results with drive-by AMR convenience.

3G enabled water, electric, and gas meters provide full compatability & advanced smart functionality. 3G's Smart design features all vital components — encoder, RF transmitter, battery and antenna — safely under-the-glass in a stainless steel body to ensure years of maintenance free service. Forward and reverse technology migration. 


Master Meter | 3G Register
Leak Detection Data Logging Meter Right Sizing Theft or Back Flow Detection

Benefits & Features

  • Full FCC Regulatory Compliance - Certified to operate in the United States under FCC Part 15. Dialog® 3G operates in the unlicensed ISM Band 902-928 Mhz.
  • Connection free - No wires, no programming
  • Leak detection. Meter Right-sizing with 4,000 Read Data Logging (by the minute). Theft and Tamper Alerts and Notifications. 
  • Accurately mimics a meter's original register using precise high-resolution encoder technology. Available on most all Master Meter measurement products.
  • 3G DataLogs, 3G SyncReads, and Revenue Impact Alerts are included, just like with our standard 3G register.
  • Implement DMA / DMZ Leak Reduction Programs