Fixed Network-LIke Results Without the Infrastructure


The 3G Mobile AMR solution provides most every benefit associated with fixed network - without the infrastructure - in a convenient cost-effective package. We understand the importance of vital functionality like personal consumption profiling, meter right-sizing, macro and micro leak management, system-wide synchronized meter reads for precise water accountability, water balancing capabilities, and a broad suite of revenue impact alerts on guard for leaks, tamper, theft and consumption anomolies. Our drive-by solution gives you all of this as it keeps pace with the best of AMI technology.

"Fixed Network Results Without the Infrastructure or Cost"


Most every meter, most make – water or gas, and a growing list of solid state electric meters — can be read by the 3G AMR drive-by system.


While in the field, 3G Mobile uploads consumption data and alarms to the cloud and where it is then available to the utility - all in real time. Two of the world’s largest AMR deployments representing 1,000,000+ connections — in Mumbai, India, and Southern Water in the United Kingdom — use 3G Mobile AMR technology.

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Leak Detection Data Logging Meter Right Sizing Theft or Back Flow Detection

Benefits & Features

  • Full 2-Way Wireless Communication between Utility and Meter
  • Secure, Unlicensed, Spread Spectrum RF Technology (902-928 ISM Bandwidth)
  • Fixed Network Results without additonal infrastructure or ongoing AMI costs.
  • Fully Syncronized Meter Readings for precise water loss accountability
  • Personal Consumption Profile with 4,000 points of data scalable to the minute
  • Comprehensive suite of Revenue Impact Alerts; Theft, Leak, Tamper, and Meter Malfunction