AccuLinx High Resolution Encoder System

Want the flexibility too use the industry’s best measurement products even though you might have a different brand AMR or AMI system?

Master Meter’s AccuLinx brings you the latest in absolute positional encoding technology with flexible configurations designed to fit virtually any water meter application — and any AMR/AMI read system. For pit set, indoor, or difficult-to-read meter locations, AccuLinx delivers unconditional remote read accuracy and high-resolution data reporting for advanced usage profiling.

Our proprietary absolute encoder module precisely records the exact position of all 8 odometer wheels at the time of remote read. A unique, contactless encoder design eliminates unnecessary mechanical friction for smooth, low-power operation and long-life performance. AccuLinx gives utilities the freedom to choose Master Meter measurement technology for integration into third-party AMR systems using the widely-accepted Sensus® protocol. AccuLinx is available in a direct connect, battery-free 3-wire configuration — ready to fit in existing competitive AMR systems.

Whether you prefer Master Meter’s complete 3G AMR/AMI system or simply AccuLinx encoding and our meter technology, the decision and product flexibility are yours to choose.


Master Meter | AccuLinx Encoder

Benefits & Features

  • Exclusive Contactless Sensing Encoder Technology assures 100% accurate remote reads
  • Meets and/or exceeds AWWA C707 Encoder Register Standard
  • Use Master Meter measurement products with any AMR/AMI system (with Sensus® Protocol)
  • Direct Connect design for error free installation